Frankie Broyles – Color Set / Capture

I recently re-read The Phantom Tollbooth (thanks, gabe!) – one of my old favorites. In one part, Milo finds himself in The Doldrums, a place where one ends up when not paying attention. I can’t help but think about how pleasant that place can be. I listen to this record in The Doldrums.

“Well, if you can’t laugh or think, what can you do?” asked Milo.
“Anything as long as it’s nothing, and everything as long as it isn’t anything”

ps Frankie Broyles is the guitarist from Deerhunter. This is his solo project.

– m

Frankie Broyles – Color Set / Capture

Golden Pawn – This Lake Is A Misty Mirror

I discovered Golden Pawn through the wonderful ambient label, Scissor Tail Editions. Dylan Aycock (founder of scissortail), Andrew Bones, and Mark Kuykendall join together to create a world unto itself – one that I wouldn’t want to live in, but that I would willingly enter for forty-two minutes and emerge a new man. The textures weave together into an ambient braid – the dissonance lingering on in order to make the release more rewarding. This is an album worth lying down for.

Shout-out to my roommate, Gabe, for turning me onto the label.


Golden Pawn – This Lake Is A Misty Mirror