What to see tomorrow – Friday / 9.25.15

Tomorrow is Friday. Time to get out and see some shows! Here are three recommended picks to kick off the weekend.

1. Palehound is opening for Gardens and Villa at the Music Hall of Williamsburg. Palehound is a driving rock band out of Yonkers. Dry Food was released just over a month ago and showcases the delectable voice of Ellen Kempner behind a simultaneously tight and fuzzy band. If liked the previous Scones feature on Jessica Jalpert, or you’re a fan Speedy Ortiz, then you will fall in love with Palehound.

2. Spaceface and Ice Balloons are playing at Transpecos. You may not have heard of either of those bands or that venue, but Spaceface features members of the Flaming Lips, and Ice Balloons features members of TV on the Radio. If that’s not enough to seal the deal, then maybe you’ll be swayed by the fact that Transpecos is Todd P’s new digs (instrumental founder of Silent Barn, Death By Audio, 285 Kent Ave and others)

3. Last but not least, Ritual Humor is playing at Bohemian Grove. These guys haven’t come out with a lot music yet, but are playing the local NYC spots and are no doubt going to get some traction in the near future

Maybe I’ll see y’all out there. If you are not around NY tomorrow, you can enjoy these wonderful bands from a distance.


What to see tomorrow – Friday / 9.25.15

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