Today’s afternoon bike cruise is dedicated to an inspiring artist named Devonne Harris, who works under the name DJ Harrison. Harris hails from Richmond, Virginia, and is part of the explosively talented Jellowstone collective.

Harris’ music is jazz, hip hop, and boom bap beat inspired, but he takes it to the next level by channeling the sampling style into live band arrangements. He plays each instrument himself, records on ReeltoReel tape, and has amassed a staggering collection of songs. I am featuring a snippets from what Harris calls the Vault Series – “a schedule I’ve selected to release my hundreds of songs ranging from the ages of 19 – 24 (for now)” There are eight up on band camp so far, and they are all worth a listen. Dilla fans watch out – if you enter the world of DJ Harrison, you will have trouble crawling back out.

Enjoy and share!


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